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The Millstone Range

Range Hours: 8am - 7pm Daily

The best and only way to learn golf is to get out and swing the club. But for a beginner, playing the course before you've learned the basics can be frustrating, and every seasoned golfer needs practice.

We pay careful attention to detail to ensure your trip to our practice facilities are worthwhile, and our instructors are PGA certified.

Read on to learn why we think our range is the best place on the coast to better your score and become more confident on the course.

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Our Instructors

We have partnered with local PGA professionals to provide private lessons as well as frequent clinics. For more information, please view us on facebook or call our clubhouse (843-558-2582).


Our Range

Our facilities and equipment give unique practice advantages that can't be found at many other ranges. We take great care to ensure the practice shots you make are as similar to those on the course as possible, meaning the swing you groove will readily translate to the course.

On the course, accuracy matters. Knowing the distance you hit each club, the difference in feel between a 100 yard shot and a 125 yard shot, can make all the difference in your score. We carefully measured the distance to each landing area using three techniques: GPS, Laser Range Finder, Measuring Wheel. We are certain in the accuracy of our targets, so you can be certain in the accruacy of your shots.