Millstone Scorecard

Course History

For over a century, the Pope family has owned the land on which Millstone Executive Golf Course sits. The rich, fertile low country soil used now for growing a thick carpet of grass was originally used to grow tobacco, soy, and other cash crops, namely: corn.

Corn was a staple in the early 20th century, used to feed animals and people. Perhaps most important to the southern dining room table, though, corn was used to make cornmeal. The kernels were first dried, and then placed between two heavy stones - millstones. As those stones rotated, the corn was ground into rich, fresh cornmeal. The cornmeal was then used to make staples like hushpuppies, cornbread, and anything fried and breaded. Several of the original millstones from the farm are still in tact, and are visible on the course.